Sunday, 4 September 2011

Saving Boxer the security dog

A poor one year old Rottweiler-German shepherd cross was rushed to the clinic the other morning with severe injuries of the left hind limb and most of the hind quarters. The story goes; the dog security company was deploying these working dogs from an open pick-up truck when this unfortunate dog jumped off this speeding truck while still chained to the vehicle. By the time the driver realised what had happened, Boxer had been dragged on the road for a while. The body scrape on the injured side went straight up to the bone.

Boxer was in shock and in excruciating pain by the time they got to the clinic. The veterinarian at the SPCA elected an immediate amputation. The company that brought the dog in opted for euthanasia as he would not be in position to work anymore. With some negotiations, reason prevailed and they agreed that LSPCA should do the operation and then find a new home for Boxer. Boxer is now recuperating from the operation that saved his life.

We urge all caring animal lovers to consider adopting Boxer. He is a very friendly dog. He went through this whole ordeal without snarling or growling to any long needle wielding vets!

With your help and support, our clinic will be able to provide the expert veterinary care to treat many more animals. If you would like to help us get the equipment we desperately need to carry out more operations like this, please see the text donations information on the left of this page or go to our Just Giving page

Thank you!

Dr Richard Ssuna (LSPCA vet)

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