Thursday, 15 September 2011


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The last two weeks at the LSPCA have been full on with a mixed bag of challenges; the community work, the education, adoptions and related issues like the international pet travel scheme, the community liaison and the government department on-goings as well as developments at the clinic.

In preparation to the next biggest thing to happen to all animal lovers and owners in Lilongwe, Pedigree and Whiskers agreed to look at the possibility of sponsoring the clinic sign post and the vaccination cards. This will certainly save us money while at the same time will serve to market pedigree to all animal owners that access the LSPCA for services. The vaccination cards in question will also be used in the City of Lilongwe Rabies Vaccination Campaign. This will be distributed to over 10,000 people and its effect on the brand will be phenomenal.
Turning to the Rabies Campaign; after the postponement of the City Assembly Rabies campaign, the Ministry of Agriculture has slated the 14th December as the National Rabies Launch in the country. This development over rode the initial idea of the Lilongwe campaign and it has been suggested that all the rabies campaigns be synchronised for maximum effect. The good news is that the Ministry will procure the rabies doses and distribute them free of charge. We hope that this will greatly reduce on the number of rabies incidents in both stray domestic and wild animals. LSPCA will be represented at the launch that will be celebrated in Chikwawa. Two hours after Blantyre.

Unlike the education classes that have gone very well through the last days, we have experienced delays in the transferring of Snooker the rescued owned by Barbara Bitzer. The delays have been due to some technical issues between Addis and Lilongwe. We hope that Snooker will soon join her Mum in Germany.
In a related story, we have adopted many animals in the last week. Three cats and three dogs was quite a feat considering that adoption have been reasonably quite in the last month. An inquiry was made today for two pups and a cat! We’ll follow the lead. Among the roses we have also had some thorns; seven quarantine pups have succumbed to severe vomiting and diarrhoea. They have all been transferred to the clinic for closer attention.

To conclude this posting, I would like to inform our supporters that the clinic was certified by the Poison’s Board to keep drugs and the Council of NGO Associations of Malawi (CONGOMA) has also certified LSPCA!
Richard (LSPCA vet)

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