Monday, 23 September 2013


The 21st of September started like a boring day, with a small number of people and even a smaller number of dogs coming in.  One could not help asking if it really was a dog show.   Little by little, the numbers started increasing, and in no time, the Dog Show organized by the Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals started.

The dog competitions were wow!  There were dog races, eating competitions, and many more.  Prizes were won, to the excitement of the owners and the dogs themselves.  The police dogs from Malawi police actually made the show even more splendid.  The huge dogs really underwent a remarkable training; chasing a thief, catching him, and grabbing off the stolen item!

During the dog auction, people could not help it but pledge generously for the talented, exciting, fit dogs which had gone through a 30 day quarantine at LSPCA.  During this period, the dogs are vaccinated and examined to make sure they are healthy and fit to go. 

It was a great and fruitful dog show, and we are looking forward to the next one!!


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