Friday, 28 February 2014

LSPCA saves life of puppy

This dog was found badly injured in the garage of one our supporters. It had a large wound on its head, probably caused from being hit with a sharp instrument, such as a machete.

Upon arrival to LSPCA clinic, the puppy looked terrified and judging by his appearance he must have suffered immensely at the hands of his owners or members of the public as he was roaming the streets looking for food and proper care.

The puppy was malnourished and with high worm and flea burden. Once stabilized he was given a vaccination, de-wormer and flea treatment as well as adequate medical treatment for his wound.

Today, his wounds have completely healed and is a lot friendlier towards humans. He will soon be ready for adoption after he is out of quarantine in two next two weeks.

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