Wednesday, 5 March 2014


People who come to LSPCA are often amazed by Theodore's kind and gentle nature towards humans and other dogs.

However, despite his sweet and gentle character, Theodor’s chances of finding a proper home are very slim as he has a leg deformity affecting his gait, but not causing him any pain.

Theodore first arrived at LSPCA when he was around four months old. He was weak on all four legs and could hardly stand and was very shy in nature.

Theodore is now stronger on his back legs but still struggles a little on his front legs due to a laxity of the joints, though it doesn’t cause him pain, this prevents him from running fast or for long periods.  
The Vets at the LSPCA are hopeful that with time, as he grows and with increased exercise his legs will strengthen and his disability will be reduced, though it is likely he will remain with some degree of limb deformity.

However, regardless of his disability he will be able to get around comfortably and live a happy life.  He has such a special character the LSPCA staff are wishing for him to be united with a special adoptee who can see past his deformity.

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