Wednesday, 17 August 2011

LSPCA clinic

Consultation room/theatre
This is our new clinic which will function as the veterinary clinic, classroom and LSPCA offices! Its a great space, plenty of room for people to come and see our rescued animals available for adoption, space for school groups to come for educational visits and of course a room for consultations and the theatre. We need to make some alterations to divide the main room into two for the consultation room and theatre and of course we need the equipment to go in our currently very empty theatre! If you are able to donate veterinary supplies, or donate via text so we can buy all the equipment for the clinic, we'd be very grateful. You can contact us on

Richard Ssuna (LSPCA vet)

Our new mascot!

Muzzy was found wandering the streets of Lilongwe and was rescued by LSPCA. She is a very gentle dog and great with children, so she has been given a job with LSPCA! Even children who are initially scared of dogs quickly make friends with Muzzy so she is a great way to teach children how to care for animals and will now be an important feature of our education programmes at the clinic. A local group of school children visited the clinic recently and as the photos show, were soon keen to play with her.