Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Huge thanks to all our sponsors!


LSPCA and RSPCA would like to say a huge thank you to all the companies and individuals that made the Clinic in a Box project happen. Thanks to your generosity the LSPCA veterinary clinic now has the equipment, medicines and supplies to treat many more animals and carry out procedures such as blood tests and x-rays. We also have lots of food to feed all our dogs looking for new homes and the LSPCA staff look very smart in their new uniforms! These photos show just a small selection of the many donations, but we hope they will give you an idea of why we were so excited about this project and how grateful we are to all who helped with it! 
Richard Ssuna (LSPCA) and
Donnamarie O'Connell (RSPCA) in the clinic theatre
Lots of dog food for animals rescued by LSPCA  (Mars Pet Food)

Richard with new surgical instruments (Henry Schein)
The anaesthetic machine will make operations safer for the animals (Burtons)

LSPCA staff in new uniforms (Co-op)

'Anna' on the new consult table (RSPCA Manchester animal hospital)
We will post more photos of the donated equipment as it is used in the coming weeks. For more photos of the equipment being installed (thanks to the help of our new best friends from Inglis Vets in Scotland!) check out LSPCA's Facebook page: www.facebook.com/lspca 

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Clinic in a Box arrives in Malawi!

Pallets ready to load at RSPCA warehouse
Sorry for the long delay in updating this blog, but lots of things have happened since our last post!!! The container was finally loaded in March, and set off on its 2 month trip round west Africa and down to Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Then it went onto a new ship up to Mozambique and finally after a bit of a delay in the port it was on a truck and on to Malawi!!
Clinic in a Box - on the truck!

It has been like waiting for Christmas to come week after week, but finally the truck arrived at the LSPCA clinic to much excitement and LSPCA staff and friends were waiting eagerly to off load the contents and start opening boxes!

The container arrives!
Richard Ssuna with an open Clinic in a Box!
The truck arrived late in the afternoon and after a couple of hiccups - like it wouldn't fit through the clinic gates, and we struggled to get the seal off! - it was a great moment when we started off loading all the veterinary and office equipment, medicines and consumables that LSPCA have been waiting for. All went very smoothly despite the darkness outside as the sun set, and darkness inside the clinic thanks to a power cut... 
Lots of friends helping to off load!

Still off-loading...!
LOTS of dog food!
Thanks to everyone who came to help off-load, this was definitely a team effort! 
As you can see, it was a great moment when the container was finally emptied and we all jumped in for a photo!