Friday, 11 November 2011

Katherine Crosse at LSPCA

Dear Readers

On the 2nd November 2011, a week and a half ago from today, we received Katherine Crosse MRCVS from the World Veterinary Services to help with the setting up of the Veterinary Clinic as well helping to treat the animals too. Two weeks seems like a very short period but Katherine has been a great help in quite a number of things during this period; she assisted with the farm day in Dzenza, the spay and neuter clinic in Area 25, Rescues and Public call outs, reviewing and making an inventory of the drug supplies in the clinic as well as structuring their prices.

She has also left a foundation for the Standard Operating Procedures and reviewed clinic procedures paperwork to build on after she leaves. We have no doubt that she has left the LSPCA Clinic in a much better place than she found it. Thanks Katherine.

In addition to the domestic work, she helped in the treatment of some wildlife at a local wildlife centre; the health of a newly rescued baboon battling to survive was reinstated and carried out a life-saving finger amputation on a resident African green monkey that was caught up in interspecies squabbles.

Her two weeks stay has been greatly beneficial to the resident clinic staffers as time has been freed to focus on less prioritised facets of the practice since she arrived.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Katherine and the Worldwide Veterinary Services who made her stay possible. We look forward to maintaining this cooperation for the greater good of the animals.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wow, lots of dogs' dinners...!

A big thank you to Mars PetCare for a very generous donation of tinned and dry dog food for our rescued LSPCA dogs! This is a fantastic help and will provide yummy meals for all our dogs for many months. Thank you to Andrew for arranging this, much appreciated! 


New donation - lots of paper

A big thank you to Commercial (thank you Michelle!), for donating 10 boxes of computer paper, this will keep the LSPCA office going for a long time and we will use some of the paper for our educational leaflets for schools. Thank you! Donna 

New toys to keep our dogs happy!

Thank you to Paws to Your Door ( (thanks Tony!) for donating these great toys and 10 dog bowls. Our dogs will love playing with these squeaky toys and the stainless steel bowls are perfect as they are indestructible! We really appreciate your support. Donna