Monday, 24 October 2011

Let there be light...

As you can see, the LSPCA clinic really needs some professional surgical lights. Fortunately, thanks to the donation of a small light from the Worldwide Veterinary Service (thanks Luke and Tess!) we have this small light that our vet student volunteer, Fatima, patiently held throughout this operation. We are hoping that the Clinic in a Box appeal will include new lighting to brighten our theatre.

New donations!

Here's LSPCA vet and programme manager, Richard with just a small sample of some of the latest donations to the clinic. 

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Dechra (thanks Liz Rawlings) who donated hundreds of dog and cat flea treatments and other vital medicines, IMS (thanks to Durgham and Nick) who donated IV sets, gloves, swabs and other supplies and WVS (thanks to Tess and Luke) who have donated lots of supplies to LSPCA over the years and this donation includes surgical instruments. These supplies are helping us to treat many animals that really need our help and we're very grateful for your support. Thanks to all! 

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Commissioner Nyoongo adopts LSPCA puppy!

Melvin Mbweza of Lilongwe Police collecting Fluffy
from LSPCA on behalf of the Commissioner
Police Commissioner Dave Nyoongo has been a trustee of LSPCA for the past couple of years and has been instrumental in improving animal welfare in Lilongwe. Thanks to the Commissioner and his staff, and the work of LSPCA, roadside selling of animals is reducing and the police now have a much better knowledge of how to protect animals. Commissioner Nyoongo is now retiring, but we are delighted that he will continue to work with LSPCA as a lay trustee. And to remind him of LSPCA, what better way than to rehome a beautiful puppy called Fluffy from the LSPCA! Fluffy will now have a wonderful life with the Commissioner. We wish Commissioner Nyoongo a happy retirement, thank him for his invaluable work to improve animal welfare and support LSPCA, and look forward to continuing to benefit from his guidance. Fluffy is a very lucky puppy!

Inauguration of LSPCA clinic!

LSPCA was delighted to welcome Dr Chimera, Director of the Animal Health and Livestock Development Department of the Ministry of Agriculture to preside over the inauguration of the new clinic on 30th September. Dr Julius Chulu was a wonderful master of ceremonies and our board chair, Dr Gray Matita gave an insightful address on LSPCA's current programmes. Other guests included representatives from the police, City Assembly, American embassy and donors, trustees and supporters. 

We all enjoyed the beautiful singing and dancing by children of the local Faith Orphanage, which opened the ceremony. Warm words of congratulation were spoken about LSPCA's achievements for animal welfare so far and good wishes for the success of this veterinary clinic to benefit animals from low-income communities. Following the speeches, Dr Chimera cut the ribbon to officially open the clinic and guests enjoyed cakes baked by our wonderful trustees and supporters. 

It was a great day and very exciting that the clinic is now officially open! Many thanks to all our guests for making this a special day for LSPCA.