Saving animals

LSPCA's mission is to rescue and care for animals in Lilongwe and work with local vets, police and government to improve the lives of animals right across Malawi.

We are the first and only animal welfare organisation in Malawi. LSPCA was started in 2008 by a dedicated group of vets and other professionals who wanted to improve the lives of dogs, cats and farm animals in Lilongwe. 

We run regular mobile community veterinary clinics which provide free treatment to animals in the poorest communities in Lilongwe. Our education officer visits every school in Lilongwe to teach children how to care for their animals. We work closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and the police to stop the illegal selling of puppies and kittens on the side of the road. We also work with local communities to improve the health of their chickens which are an important source of income for poor communities.

Rescuing Chisomo
Chisomo ('Grace' in Chichewa, a local language in Malawi) was very sick when LSPCA's vet Dr Richard Ssuna saw her during an LSPCA clinic. She was close to death through malnutrition, but was still managing to feed four beautiful puppies. Her family were not able to look after her, so gave her to LSPCA to care for. Chisomo was a gentle dog, despite being in intense pain from a broken leg. Luke Gamble, a vet from the UK was visiting at the time and making a tv series 'World Wild Vet'. Richard and Luke took Chisomo back to Richard's house to operate on her to remove her leg. They had to operate in Richard's garage, because LSPCA does not have a clinic. This meant the operation was much more difficult with no proper equipment or theatre. But the operation went well and Chisomo was soon up and walking on her three legs! Happily, with lots of food and care from LSPCA, Chisomo made a great recovery and she and all her puppies were found loving 'forever homes'. See the photos below, she hardly looks like the same dog!

You can find out more about all our work on our website: and please join our Facebook group

If you would like to help us care for more animals like Chisomo, its very easy to donate to LSPCA. You can send a text to 70070 and in the message just write CARE33 then the amount you want to donate, £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10. So to donate £5, just send a text to 70070 and write CARE33 £5. The text is free and all your donation goes straight to helping animals. £5 will buy life saving medicines for a sick animal or a cosy dog bed for a dog to recover in after an operation.

You can also donate online, just go to our JustGiving page

RSPCA in the UK has supported us from the beginning and continue to help us with all your donations. So you will receive a thank you message from RSPCA and they will send every penny of your donation straight to LSPCA in Malawi.