Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Donation of 400 rolls of Vetrap!

LSPCA would like to say a big THANK YOU to Dechra who have kindly donated 400 rolls of vetrap and 2 stethoscopes!! The vetrap is even 'LSPCA green' so all animals who need bandaging up will match the LSPCA logo! We are very grateful to Liz Rawlings at Dechra who has helped us with this donation and also with a big order of flea treatments and other medicines which will soon be on their way to Malawi - more on this later! 

Open Day

Dear Readers
Dr Richard Ssuna (LSPCA vet) and Dr Gray Matita (LSPCA Chair)
outside LSPCA clinic
After the last post, I would like to inform you that we shall finally unveil the new LSPCA offices, including the clinic on the 30th of this month. This will be preceded by the Rabies day celebrations on the 29th with a free rabies clinic in the morning and our annual trustees meeting in the afternoon of the same day.
On the 30th the following day, the clinic will be officially inaugurated by the Director of Department of Animal Health and Livestock Development in the morning. However the general public are invited to come to the open day on the 8th Saturday of the following week, for a public fete that promises to be a worthy destination for a family fun day. We shall have the usual; jumping castle, face-painting, Ms Muzzy and Mr Ellie. We shall have our staff on duty to answer any of veterinary questions.

The whole family is invited including our four legged, furry children. Come share the fun.

Richard Ssuna

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Watch LSPCA on channel 5 online!

If you missed our patron, Joe Inglis on The Wright Stuff Extra today, you can watch it online. Go to Channel 5's website: and you might want to fast forward to around 37 min 40 sec (after the 3rd 'advertisements' section) and you'll see Joe chatting to Gabby Logan and footage of the LSPCA mobile community veterinary clinics.

Thanks to Joe and The Wright Stuff Extra for featuring LSPCA's work!


LSPCA on The Wright Stuff Extra today!

Did you see Joe Inglis on The Wright Stuff Extra this morning talking about our new clinic? It was great to hear Gabby Logan and Joe discussing how much of a difference the LSPCA is making for animals in Malawi. If this has inspired you to get involved, please see our 'We'd love your help' page. You can donate easily to the new LSPCA clinic by text - details on the left of this page, or online at 

Please do get in touch if you want to know more about the clinic, can donate veterinary equipment or education materials, or are interested in volunteering with LSPCA in Malawi. Email:


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Watch clips of LSPCA in action!

Our patron, UK tv vet Joe Inglis got really stuck in when he visited LSPCA and was soon treating animals in our mobile community veterinary clinics - see the link to film clips below. 

The LSPCA vet is the only vet who visits these low-income communities so provides vital treatment and care for the animals. So imagine how much more we can do when we have all the equipment we need to diagnose and treat animals in the new clinic! Your donation of equipment, or funds to help us buy equipment, will mean we can provide even better care to animals that really need our help. People depend on their livestock for food and income, so by providing veterinary care for animals we are helping their owners too.

Please help if you can and keep checking back here to find out how we're getting on and when the container is full it will be off to Malawi! Go to 'We'd love your help' page for more information on how to get involved.



Tuesday, 13 September 2011

LSPCA on tv - Thursday 15th Sept!

LSPCA will feature on The Wright Stuff Extra with Gabby Logan on channel 5 on Thursday 15th Sept. Joe Inglis, tv vet and LSPCA patron will talk about his visit to LSPCA in 2009 and of course the plans for the clinic. The programme will include footage of Joe in Malawi - operating at the mobile clinic and treating chickens and goats at the farm animal clinic. Please watch, and tell your friends to watch too! 

You can help us save animals in Malawi! Please donate via text, details above, or online, see our Just Giving page:

Please let us know what you think of the programme - leave a comment below! 


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Donations from IMS!

We would like to say a BIG thank you to the veterinary supplies company IMS, who have donated supplies to our clinic! This photo shows a very small selection of the contents of the four huge boxes! It was very exciting unpacking all the boxes to see gloves, IV sets, swabs, needles and suture materials and a whole range of bandages and other supplies. This is the first major delivery for our Clinic in a Box project and it will join all the other donations we are working on and go in the container to Malawi to a very good home at the LSPCA clinic. Many thanks to Durgham and Nick at IMS who have arranged this very kind donation, it is a fantastic start to filling our container and will greatly help us in our efforts to provide the best veterinary care for animals in Malawi. 

Donna (Senior Programme Manager (Africa), RSPCA International

Thursday, 1 September 2011

We welcome Victoria Gavey MRCVS at the LSPCA Veterinary Clinic

It is just a few days since Victoria Gavey arrived in Malawi. This arrival marked the official opening of the LSPCA veterinary clinic. In addition to acquiring a brand new veterinarian, the clinic has been redesigned to provide for a consultation room, surgery room, reception, office and volunteer space.
The facility will be also used as a community resource centre for all animal consultation, adoptions, humane education and volunteers. With the establishment of the clinic, there will be in house capacity to train students pursuing qualifications in animal related studies, including veterinary.
The facility will house all animals ready for adoption and will showcase the available individuals for appropriate pairing with the prospective adopters. The facility has also established a cattery to address the huge influx of police confiscations.
In conformation  with the existing requirements, an applications to the government authority licensing the storage and dispensing of drugs was submitted, and an inspection was carried out by the staffers of the Malawi Poisons Board last week. And the Malawi Veterinary Board has been formally notified through the Department of Animal Health and Livestock Development.
In addition to all the above developments, we still need support to aide the full establishment of the clinic in order to serve the community adequately.

For more information visit   or