Friday, 8 June 2012

Clinic in a Box film

Check out this short film of the Clinic in a Box journey - from the donated veterinary equipment and supplies being loaded in the UK to the magical moment of the truck arriving in Malawi and all the equipment being used in the clinic. A huge thanks to everyone who made this happen!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Malawi's first x-ray of a pet!

Inglis vet team (Adam, Louise, Audrey) treating Scruffy
Little Scruffy the dog was involved in a road accident last month. He was obviously unaware of making history when he became the first pet to be x-rayed in Malawi! 

Dr Richard Ssuna viewing Scruffy's x-ray
Thanks to the wonderful team from Inglis vets and engineer extraordinaire, Mark from Max Fordham in Scotland, the x-ray generator (the bit that takes the x-ray) was carefully hung from the wall (Mark was so confident in the strength of the bracket holding it that he even swung from it himself...!). 

Scruffy had two broken ribs, so our new equipment is already making a difference and helping us to more accurately diagnose and improve the treatment of our patients.