Malawi is affectionately known as the 'Warm Heart of Africa' and anyone who has visited will tell you that's exactly right! Malawi is a small country in southern Africa, bordering Mozambique in the south, Tanzania in the north and Zambia in the west. The stunning Lake Malawi covers around one fifth of the country. It is the third largest and second deepest lake in Africa and its tropical waters with rare fish are a big attraction for tourists.

Malawi is beautiful, but unfortunately as very low-income country, many people and animals do not have access to medical and veterinary care. LSPCA, based in the capital Lilongwe, works closely with local communities. LSPCA teaches the importance of caring for animals not just for the good of the animals, but because healthy animals mean healthy people too. For example, teaching children how to behave around dogs and providing free veterinary care at our clinics means we can help to prevent dogs and people getting diseases like rabies. The clinics also care for farm animals. Basic veterinary care can improve the health and welfare of these farm animals which are an important source of income and food.