Wednesday, 7 December 2011

And.. lots of IV sets!

IMS Euro have also donated 100's of IV sets (the tubes to connect a drip to the animal). This is a brilliant donation, this full box of IV sets will be enough for all of LSPCA's patients for a couple of years! A big thank you to Durgham, Karen, Nick and Omar, much appreciated! 


IMS Euro - more donations of veterinary consumables!

We are very grateful to IMS Euro, ( for their fantastic donation of veterinary consumables - lots of surgical gloves, scrub brushes, dressings and needles and lots more! These boxes full of donations are the second batch of donations IMS Euro have given to our clinic so we really appreciate their support and our vets will put all these items to great use in the LSPCA clinic.  Donna

Friday, 2 December 2011

Surgical instruments donated!

A big thank you to veterinary suppliers Dunlops who have kindly donated lots of surgical instruments to the clinic! Good quality instruments are obviously vital so this is a great help and will soon be well used in the clinic theatre. Our vets Richard and Vicky are looking forward to getting their hands on brand new instruments!