Sunday, 3 July 2011

UK tv vets Joe Inglis and Luke Gamble are supporting us

Its all go to start our new veterinary clinic in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. This week we found the perfect building for the clinic! Now we just need all the equipment and medicines. Its a charity clinic, so we will give free treatment to animals from low income communities. 

We're delighted that two friends of LSPCA, UK vets Joe Inglis and Luke Gamble are helping us. Joe is an LSPCA patron and Luke is CEO of vet charity Worldwide Veterinary Services which kindly donates medicines to LSPCA. Joe and Luke have both been to Malawi to visit LSPCA. They got stuck in straight away, putting the clinic tent up before they could treat any animals! With no electricity or running water, very basic equipment and a huge audience of excited children, it was a world away from their clinics in the UK. We're so grateful they have both agreed to help us get the equipment LSPCA needs. 

Here's what Joe and Luke said about this new project.

 “I am delighted to be an LSPCA patron, its a wonderful organisation and they make a real difference for animals in Malawi. This new clinic will mean Richard and his team have the equipment and facilities to help many more animals. It will also be a supportive training centre for new vets and provide information to the public. If you can donate money or equipment please do, this will be a very well used clinic and I'll be supporting LSPCA in any way I can.” Joe Inglis

"LSPCA is a real life-saver for animals in Lilongwe and I really enjoyed getting stuck in at the mobile clinic when I visited Malawi in 2009. The LSPCA staff are extremely dedicated and a new veterinary clinic will make a huge difference to the type of veterinary care they can provide. If you are a vet please consider donating any equipment you no longer need as it will be put to great use in Malawi. Good luck, this is a fantastic plan which will save and improve the lives of many animals. I'll be back to see the clinic when its open!Luke Gamble

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