Thursday, 1 September 2011

We welcome Victoria Gavey MRCVS at the LSPCA Veterinary Clinic

It is just a few days since Victoria Gavey arrived in Malawi. This arrival marked the official opening of the LSPCA veterinary clinic. In addition to acquiring a brand new veterinarian, the clinic has been redesigned to provide for a consultation room, surgery room, reception, office and volunteer space.
The facility will be also used as a community resource centre for all animal consultation, adoptions, humane education and volunteers. With the establishment of the clinic, there will be in house capacity to train students pursuing qualifications in animal related studies, including veterinary.
The facility will house all animals ready for adoption and will showcase the available individuals for appropriate pairing with the prospective adopters. The facility has also established a cattery to address the huge influx of police confiscations.
In conformation  with the existing requirements, an applications to the government authority licensing the storage and dispensing of drugs was submitted, and an inspection was carried out by the staffers of the Malawi Poisons Board last week. And the Malawi Veterinary Board has been formally notified through the Department of Animal Health and Livestock Development.
In addition to all the above developments, we still need support to aide the full establishment of the clinic in order to serve the community adequately.

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Richard Ssuna (LSPCA vet)

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