Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Watch clips of LSPCA in action!

Our patron, UK tv vet Joe Inglis got really stuck in when he visited LSPCA and was soon treating animals in our mobile community veterinary clinics - see the link to film clips below. 

The LSPCA vet is the only vet who visits these low-income communities so provides vital treatment and care for the animals. So imagine how much more we can do when we have all the equipment we need to diagnose and treat animals in the new clinic! Your donation of equipment, or funds to help us buy equipment, will mean we can provide even better care to animals that really need our help. People depend on their livestock for food and income, so by providing veterinary care for animals we are helping their owners too.

Please help if you can and keep checking back here to find out how we're getting on and when the container is full it will be off to Malawi! Go to 'We'd love your help' page for more information on how to get involved.



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