Thursday, 19 December 2013

Court finds Universal Security Company guilty of animal cruelty

When Maximus was first brought to LSPCA he weighed a mere 22 kg, unusual for a dogs of his size, his was body dehydrated and infested with fleas, his legs swollen and with several wounds.

Although it was evident that this male adult German shepherd had suffered extensively at the hands of his owners (Universal Security Company) he still remained a good natured dog.

Maximus along with 6 other dogs were brought to LSPCA clinic in September, 2013 after being rescued from Universal Security Company upon receiving tips from the public of the harsh conditions that the dogs were being subdued to.

The dogs were found in a broken down vehicle that had been used to transfer them from where they had been guarding. They were tied to the truck and made sit in the sun for several hours on the side of the road without food or water.

It was instantly discovered that the dogs were being kept in the sun for over 5 hours without any food or water. Worse still, the food that was provided to them was barely enough to fill their empty stomachs.

Fortunately, with support from the Malawi Police, LSPCA managed to confiscate all six dogs and immediately began a series of medical treatments while placed in quarantine for 30 days.

The dogs were given rabies vaccines, deworming and flea treatment. With proper love and care, the dogs have now gained over 3kgs since they were first brought to LSPCA.

As one LSPCA staff members recalls, the dogs were really in a pathetic state, they would finish an entire bowl of dog food within seconds but still wanting more.

Today the dogs look nothing like the skinny, unhealthy dogs that they were barely two months ago.

Evidence provided by LSPCA veterinarians were enough for the courts to declare Universal Security Company guilty of cruelty to animals and were ordered to pay a fine of K80, 000 or risk a prison sentence of 12 months.

Although the court ruling appeared lenient, it is however promising to note that the Malawian Police and judicial system are slowly starting recognize crimes of animal cruelly as a major offence and are starting to take an active role in ensuring that the welfare of all animals are guarded. This is evident by the establishment of a special Police taskforce dedicated to the protection animal welfare.

Luckily for Maximus and his fury friends, their life story does not end at LSPCA. Four dogs, including Maximus have been adopted, begining new chapter in lives.

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