Sunday, 8 December 2013

Out of the jaws of death

Unable to resist the urge to dip their large bodies in cool water, one group of crocodiles which was housed in separate compartment burst through a wire fence at the sight of water being poured into a neighboring pond.

This demonstrates just how much pain crocodiles at Koma Croc farm were willing to endure to get a taste of water after being deprived of this necessity for such a long time.

It is now exactly one month since LSPCA led a joint rescue operation that resulted in the Malawi police confiscating over 200 crocodiles at Koma crocodile farm in Monkey, leaving them in the care LSPCA.

The operation, which brought together LSPCA, Malawi police, the Lilongwe Wildlife Center, the department of Animal Health and Livestock Management and the department of National Parks and Wildlife was aimed at rescuing the crocodiles from the cruel condition that they were subdued to, contrary to the Animal Protection Act.

A visit to the farm on 6 December revealed a different scenario; the ponds which stood in ruins barely a month ago have been renovated and are now filled with water giving the crocodiles the pleasure to cool the bodies after long bask in the sun.

One group of crocodiles was seen enjoying a mid-day swim while others were freely moving around the pond, contrary to state that the crocodiles were in when LSPCA first visited the area.

According to one of the farm caretakers, the crocodiles no longer spend sleepless nights without adequate as they are regularly fed.

He explains that the crocodiles are fed twice a week; the ones that were too weak to eat are force force fed. Through force feeding they have managed to save two crocodiles.

Thanks to the assistance rendered by Club Makokola who generously offered to cover all costs that were incurred in the renovation of the ponds and the local community members who have spared their precious time to help fetch water for the lake to the ponds, hope has been restored to the farm

However, due to the delay in prosecution of the owner, LSPCA is calling on other well-wisher to support in caring for these crocs as they consume a full cow every fortnight.

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